Argon Grain Free, so many different flavors, without cereals, for the natural well-being of your dog.

Born from the experience of Argon, Argon Grain Free moist is a line of high quality Italian products, designed to offer the adult dog a combination of rich, balanced and completely grain-free nutrients. Argon Grain Free is suitable for adult dogs of all sizes and it is characterized by high content of meat, in respect of an appropriate diet to the carnivorous nature of the dog. Six different recipes, enriched with vitamins and antioxidants, in a mix of many ingredients and different tastes for a healthy and balanced diet.

Turkey with carrots

tacchino e carote

Turkey with zucchini

tacchino e zucchine

Swine with zucchini

suino e zucchine

Swine with carrots

suino e carote

Chicken with zucchini

pollo e zucchine

Chicken with carrots

pollo e  carote


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